Name Pacifus
Sex Male
Age 43 (debut)

44 (as of "Sweet Sixteen", assuming that he is the exactly 28 years older than his daughter)

Species Water Elemental
Occupation King

Co-ruler of the Lake Kingdom Co-leader of the Lake Army (in "War")

Relatives Lake Queen (wife)

Attie (daughter)

Atlantica Vorpine (mother-in-law)

Introduced in "The Princess of the Lake"
Latest appearance "War"

Lake King (or Pacifus) is the king and co-ruler of the Lake Kingdom.


Like most people residing in the Lake Kingdom, Lake King has pale, turqiouse skin and blue, water-like hair. His hair is about the length of Lake Prince's, which is shoulder-length. It does not flow as fast as his daughter's because, as confirmed by ACat, the hair of water elementals starts to lose its liveliness as the individual grows older. He has a larger royal gem than his daughter, and it is surrounded by a smaller one on each side. He is always seen wearing a royal suit and a cape made of water except for in "Road Trip", where he wears much more casual clothing.


He has the ability to summon all items of royalty off of a person and into his hands. He can also force a person to rocket out of the Lake Castle and onto the land above. Other than those shown, it is assumed that he has the same abilities as his daughter.


Lake QueenEdit

Lake Queen and Lake King love each other very much, affectionately addressing each other by their first names. Although they are co-rulers of the kingdom, he makes most of the decisions, and she simply agrees with them. She brings out the good in him and helped him be friendly to the strangers (Finn and Jake) in "The Princess of the Lake" and encouraged him to make conversation and get along with Finn in "Road Trip". Though they are married, she chose to keep her maiden name and bestowed it upon their child as well. Only Lake King attended the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty in "The Survey", meaning that he might have some sort of higher standing as royalty than her. When the Lake Army fell in "War", the two fled to the Lake Kingdom together, holding hands. It is unlikely that either of them will ever be seen again, though ACat has confirmed that they are still alive and that the Lake Kingdom has not fallen despite their defeat in the Great Kingdom War.


Lake King is friendly towards Finn in "The Princess of the Lake" and thanks him and awards him with gold (though he doesn't accept it) in the same episode for saving his daughter from the Ice King. However, after Finn starts a relationship with Lake Princess, Lake King becomes less friendly and talkative around him, as seen in "Road Trip". Finn refers to him as "kind of a snob" in "Give a Speech". They fought on opposing sides in "War".


Lake King has the same relationship with Jake as he did with Finn in "The Princess of the Lake". They fought on opposing sides in "War".


Attie does not like her father very much, since he often forces her into doing royal things. He dislikes when she wears the color yellow and sometimes forces her to wear blue instead. He disciplined her when she missed the Grand Meeting of Ooo Royalty by taking all royal items owned by her, denouncing her royal title and status, and banishing her from the kingdom. She turned down his offer to restore her royal status and rebelled against him in "War".


Lake King gives Gargelle strict orders not to give his daughter yellow clothes and invites her to come with them in "Road Trip", which she does.

Episode appearancesEdit





  • He was created by ACat.
  • His favorite color is blue, and his least favorite is yellow.
  • He looks much more like his daughter than Flame King looks like his.
  • His name is a reference to the Pacific Ocean.
  • When he tells a story in "Road Trip", it is revealed that he and his wife had Lake Princess when they were both 28, which is how old ACat's parents were when they had his older sister.