Name Lola
Sex Female
Species Humanoid
Occupation Owner of Lola's Home for Animals
Introduced in "Kicked Out"
Latest appearance "Wizard School"

Lola is the owner and manager of Lola's Home for Animals.


Lola is a middle-aged woman with pale green skin and brown hair tied in a ponytail. She has thin-framed glasses and usually wears a name tag identifying her as Lola.



Lola was friendly and welcoming towards her and Attie when she first met them. She helped Marceline with Attie's party in "Sweet Sixteen" by letting Tai off work early and trailing behind them as they drove to Marceline's house.


Lola is Attie's boss, yet the two are friends. She gave Attie the anti-allergy serum for free before she even knew her well. Lola seems to pay her well, judging by the amount of money Attie offers Jake after he cuts her hair. She helped with Attie's sixteenth birthday party in "Sweet Sixteen".

Princess BubblegumEdit

Lola apparently has some sort of connection to Princess Bubblegum since she was able obtain the anti-allergy serum.


Lola is Tai's boss. The two are not as close as Lola and Attie, but in "Sweet Sixteen", she was willing to let him off work early and agreed go with them to the party.

Episode appearancesEdit