This article is about the older brother of Simon Petrikov. For his evil reincarnation, see "The Lich (character)".

Lucas Petrikov
Name Lucas Petrikov
Sex Male
Age Deceased (formerly)

50 (as of "Saving Lucas")

Species Human
Occupation Student at Wut-Wut High (formerly)


Relatives Simon Petrikov (brother)

NEPTR (nephew)

Jake (ex-"sister"-in-law)

Betty Petrikov (sister-in-law)

The Lich (former reincarnation)

Introduced in "The Cloak"
Latest appearance "Eternity" (in dream)

Lucas Petrikov is the older brother of Simon Petrikov and one of the main characters in CamDog and ACat's episodes of Adventure Time.


Lucas was born two years before his younger brother. He went to Wut-Wut High and majored in science. While their, he started a club known as Project ITS (Investigate Those Strangers). Simon, Betty, and Moseph all joined. Following his high school years, the Great Mushroom War started and he was knocked unconcious from falling debris. When he woke up, he was alone, was suffering from amnesia, and forgot his family and who he was, but he did remember that he had dreams of becoming a scientist and instinctively resumed his studies. A year later, he came across a radioactive river and tried to take a sample of the green substance but lost his balance and fell in. His body (along with the bodies of others who had met the same fate) was morphed into the Lich's and his poisoned, darkened soul was reincarnated into the new body. This was changed when Finn, Jake, Peppermint Butler, Betty, Lady Rainicorn, Attie, and Princess Bubblegum used a time machine to rescue him before he fell into the river, reunite him with Simon (who he did not recognize until being knocked out by Jake due to the effects of amnesia), and erase the Lich from history. Upon their return to Ooo, Jake hit him hard on the head, restoring his memory.


Lucas looked very much like his brother does, having the same brown hair and olive skin. However, the style of Lucas's hair was closer to Prince Gumball's than Simon's. Currently, his hair appears to be a light shade of grey.


Lucas is very smart and great at science. Even after suffering from amnesia, he retained his knowledge of physics and chemistry.


Princess BubblegumEdit

Several centuries before Finn and Jake's time, Princess Bubblegum found his journal and a tape from a security cam that was located near the site of Lucas's death and used them to study him and find out more about the toxic sludge from the river and its effects. She later saved him with help of some of her friends to stop the Lich from conquering Ooo.


Like any normal siblings, the Petrikov brothers experienced sibling rivalry. Simon was upset in "High School" when Lucas was named the leader of Project ITS "just because [he's] older" although he was actually picked because he founded the club. They did seem to care for each other, however. Simon showed regret towards completely forgetting about his brother and not trying to find him in the aftermath of the War. They were joyfully reunited at the end of "Saving Lucas".


Betty is Lucas's sister-and-law although he never found out since the wedding took place about 980 years after his death. She joined his club, Project ITS, during her high school years and helped him study the people of Ooo. She later helped save him in "Saving Lucas" and, after Jake cured him of amnesia, told him that she was his sister-in-law.


Moseph joined his club, Project ITS, during his high school years and helped him study the people of Ooo.

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