Luna Trusselan
Name Luna Trusselan
Sex Female
Age n/a
Species 65% Human

20% Demon

15% Jungle Person

Relatives Marceline (future mother)

Tai (future father)

Josh Trusselan (future brother)

Evangeline Trusselan (future sister)

Simon Trusselan (future brother)

Hunson Abadeer (future grandfather)

Luna (future grandmother)

Marshall Abadeer (future uncle)

Tai's Mother (future grandmother)

Tai's Father (future grandfather)

Introduced in "Eternity" (in dreams)

Luna Trusselan will be the fourth and final child of Marceline Abadeer Trusselan and Tai Trusselan. She was seen in Marceline's multiple prophetic dreams from the episode "Eternity". She will be born about eleven years after Josh, nine years after Evey, and three years after Simon.


Luna will have Luna/Marceline's hair, Luna's ears, Luna/Marceline/Tai's eyes, Tai's mouth, and Luna's skin. She will have none of Hunson Abadeer's physical features.


Luna will have demon longevity, just like her mother, grandfather, uncle, and siblings, meaning that even though she will age, she will be immortal.


  • She is named after Luna Abadeer.