This article is about Luna and Hunson Abadeer's son and Marceline's brother. For the fictional character loosely based on him, see Marshall Lee.

Marshall Abadeer
Name Marshall Abadeer
Sex Male
Age 18 (biological)

1001 (actual)

Species Human-Demon
Occupation King (temporarily)

Ruler of the Vampire Kingdom (temporarily)

Heir to the Vampire Kingdom

Second Heir to the Nightosphere

Soldier of the Candy-Vampire Army (in "War", "The Return of the Lich", and "Saving Lucas")

Relatives Hunson Abadeer (father)

Luna (mother)

Marceline (sister)

Tai (future brother-in-law)

Josh Trusselan (future nephew)

Evangeline Trusselan (future niece)

Simon Trusselan (future nephew)

Luna Trusselan (future niece)

Introduced in "The Vampire King"
Latest appearance "Eternity" (in flashback, in dreams)

Marshall Abadeer is the younger brother of Marceline and the son of Luna and Hunson Abadeer.


Marshall was born three years before the Great Mushroom War. He was separated from his mother and sister during the War and was left for Hunson Abadeer to take care of. When he was a teenager, he left the Nightosphere and tracked down his sister, begging her to turn him into a vampire so that he, too, could have eternal youth. She declined, and he attacked her, trying to forcefully get her to do it. Being older and stronger and having vampire powers, she won the battle and he flew off. Angry with him, Marceline kept him a secret for about 985 years until she told Finn, Jake, and Tai about him in "The Vampire King".


He looks exactly like Marshall Lee but is shorter and a little bit wider and has no bite mark.


He apparently can fight well in hand-to-hand combat but not well enough to defeat Marceline. He is much older than he looks because he used the Spoon of Prosperity to turn back into an eighteen-year-old. Since he is not a vampire, he can stand out in the sunlight and not be hurt by it. Although, being half-human, he does age, he is immortal or "deathless" like his father.



Luna didn't seem to care about him very much and never mentioned him to Betty. Marshall doesn't remember her because he last saw her when he was three years old.

Hunson AbadeerEdit

Hunson raised Marshall all by himself and was kind enough to him to allow him to leave the Nightosphere. In "War", it is shown that Marshall still lives with him in the Nightosphere and is allowed to come and go as he pleases.


Marshall and Marceline dislike each other and are enemies due to the fight they got into 985 years ago. Marceline has held a grudge against him for a very long time and kept him a secret from her friends. Nevertheless, she did help him borrow the spoon of prosperity from Princess Bubblegum when he revealed that as his true intention behind taking her throne. Shortly after doing so, she told him to "stay out of [her] life", something she also told their father after their battle in "It Came from the Nightosphere". Despite this, he still came to her aid when she called him in "War" and joined her in the ranks of the Candy-Vampire Army.

Finn, Jake, and TaiEdit

Those three were initially mad at Marshall for taking Marceline's place as ruler of the Vampire Kingdom, but after learning his true intentions, they helped him. He fought as part of the Candy-Vampire Army alongside those three in the Great Kingdom War.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum was nice to Marshall and willingly let him borrow the Spoon of Prosperity. He fought under her command as part of the Candy-Vampire Army in the Great Kingdom War.

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  • The fictional character Marshall Lee is loosely based off of him. Shortly after the events of "I Remember You", Ice King showed Marceline a drawing of a character he created and asked her what he should name him. She suggested the name Marshall because she thought the character looked like her brother. Ice King later added on Lee to his name.