Tai Trusselan
Name Tai Trusselan
Sex Male
Age around 20

Deceased (temporarily, as of "Eternity")

Species Jungle Person
Occupation see "Tai's Occupations"
Relatives Unnamed father

Unnamed mother

Marceline (future wife)

Josh Trusselan (future son)

Evangeline Trusselan (future daughter)

Simon Trusselan (future son)

Luna Trusselan (future daughter)

Hunson Abadeer (future father-in-law)

Luna (future mother-in-law)

Marshall Abadeer (future brother-in-law)

Introduced in "Regular Time (CamDog and ACat's episode)" (cameo)
Latest appearance "Eternity"

Tai Trusselan (known as Wanderer before his name was revealed in "Roommate", Talia when gender-swapped, and, in the Wut-Wut High timeline, Tyler Trusselan) is Finn and Jake's former roommate and is one of the main characters in CamDog and ACat's episodes of Adventure Time.


Tai is part of a race of humanoids known as the Jungle People, who enjoy wandering across the land and tend not to stay in one location for too long. He visited the Candy Tavern in "Kicked Out" and was pointed towards the Tree Fort when he asked the bartender if he knew anyone who would be willing to have him as a roommate. He settled down at the Tree Fort in "Roommate" and got a job from Lola. In "Date Night", he became Marceline's boyfriend. As of "Wizard School", he no longer lives with Finn and Jake and only works on Saturdays, though he did stay at their house for a few nights after his semester at wizard school ended. In "The Return of the Lich", he sacrificed his life to protect the Candy-Vampire Army from the Lich's Army. At the end of "Eternity", just as he was approaching death, Marceline bit him.


Tai is a tall, lanky humanoid who appears to be in his late teenage years. He is about the same size as Marceline. He has light brown hair on top of his head with two cat-like ears coated in fur of the same color poking out. His teeth are sharp and his tongue is orange. He has yellow skin and orange stripes that Finn and Jake painted over for his date with Marceline in "Date Night". Being an archer, her wears brown, leather, fingerless gloves on both hands. Tai is often seen wearing a black ring on the ring finger of his left hand, but, according to ACat, he is currently unmarried. He also wears a brown, raggedy shirt and a similar pair of shorts. He never wears shoes. He sometimes carries a large, orange backpack or a bow and a quiver of arrows, both of which are of a deep, reddish color (white after a vampire sucks the red out of them in "The Vampire King"). In the Wut-Wut High timeline, Tyler wore a similar outfit but with shoes, no gloves, and nicer clothes. He also had normal ears, normal teeth, a normal tongue, and normal-colored skin. As of "Eternity", he has a bite mark identical to Marceline's (though on the right side of his neck).


Tai is very athletic. He can jump high, run fast, and do flips. Though he is mainly an archer, he is also fairly good at hand-to-hand combat. Since he used to be a bounty hunter, he is probably skilled in tracking people down and not getting caught. He began training as a wizard in "Wizard School" and used all the magic inside of him to save his friends in "The Return of the Lich", meaning that he probably no longer has magical abilities.



Tai first saw Marceline in the Candy Tavern and thought she was beautiful. He later asked her to go with him to the Candy Kingdom's "date night" with him, an offer which she accepted. In the "car" (which is actually Jake), Marceline asks Tai what happened to his stripes and tells him that she likes them. Later that same night, the two share their first date, their first dance, and their first kiss. Tai has been willing to do many favors for his girlfriend, such as help her get Attie home for the surprise party that she planned for her in "Sweet Sixteen" or help her reclaim her throne in "The Vampire King". As shown in "Eternity", the two will eventually get married and have four kids together, a future made possible when Marceline turned him into a vampire at the end of the episode (though the transformation is not yet complete; he still has to go to the underworld and back).

Ice Cream BartenderEdit

Tai received information about the Tree Fort from the bartender for free, though in "Apple Theif", the bartender was hesitant to reveal information to Finn, Jake, and Tree Trunks. They are friendly towards each other and Tai even left him a tip.


Tai is first greeted by Finn when he rings the doorbell of the Tree Fort. Finn allows him to come live at the Tree Fort and tries to help him find a way to earn money to pay Finn for his hospitality. The two later grow to be close friends. Tai helped Jake get a sword for Finn in "Lightning Sword" and helped save him in the following episode, a favor which Finn returned by helping him ask out Marceline and making him look nice for their date. Tai also helped Finn get Attie home the surprise party that he planned along with Marceline in "Sweet Sixteen". Finn was initially sad that Tai had moved out to go to wizard school, but Jake cheered him up by suggesting that they turn his room into a dance club. They were on opposing sides in "Prank Battle", but there are no hard feelings between them.


BMO and Tai are close friends and former roommates. Due to Tai's enjoyment of video games, the two spend a lot of time together.


Tai and Jake were not immediately friends since Jake was at first a little untrusting of the stranger that his adoptive brother had let inside their home. However, the two are now pals and enjoy hanging out and going on adventures together.


Tai and NEPTR lived together. NEPTR worked on Simon, Betty, and Tai's rooms with him. They were on opposing sides in "Prank Battle", but there are no hard feelings between them.


The two both lived at the Tree Fort and both went to Attie's surprise party. They were on opposing sides in "Prank Battle", but there are no hard feelings between them.


Lola is Tai's boss. The two are not as close as Lola and Attie, but in "Sweet Sixteen", she was willing to let him off work early and agreed go with them to the party.


Ever since she introduced him to Lola, Tai and Attie have been co-workers. He helped with Attie's sixteenth birthday party in "Sweet Sixteen" and fought off the goo monsters that attacked them. She showed concern for him when he didn't show up for work in "Wizard School", meaning the two are probably now good friends. They fought as part of the Candy-Vampire Army together in the Great Kingdom War.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Tai thinks Princess Bubblegum is very smart and trusted the advice and obeyed the directions she gave him and Jake in "Lightning Sword" and "Paradox".

Tai's FatherEdit

Tai only mentioned him once in "Lightning Sword". When Jake complimented Tai on his weapon, he thanks him and tells him that his father gave it to him.


Tai thought Joshua was stubborn and hard to deal with in "Paradox".

Simon and BettyEdit

Tai lived with Simon and Betty and helped build their new room (along with his own). He helped the both of them in "Simon's Sanity" by restraining Simon while Betty and Marceline were in his mind. Tai and the couple were on opposing sides in "Prank Battle", but there are no hard feelings between them.


Tai thought it was a bad idea to make Gunter the new ruler of the Ice Kingdom, but he was outvoted.


Tai does not like vampires (besides Marceline) because in "The Vampire King", one of them sucked the red from his bow and quiver of arrows.

Marshall AbadeerEdit

At first, Tai was angry at Marshall for taking Marceline's rightful place as the ruler of the Vampire Kingdom, but after learning his true intentions, he helped him.

Magic ManEdit

Tai is at first enemies with Magic Man but feels sorry for him when he learns about his tortured past.

Simon the LadybugEdit

Simon helped Tai and the other inhabitants of the Tree Fort by giving them a ride to Princess Bubblegum's castle after they had been shrunken down by Magic Man.

Episode appearancesEdit




  • ACat has confirmed that Tai does not have a tail hidden underneath his shorts. He has also confirmed that Jungle Princess and Tai are not the same species.
  • The trend in the appearances of Tai's ring was that the ring appears in every episode that Marceline makes a physical appearance in up until "Eternity", when it is melted in Marceline's last dream by the Cosmic Owl, revealing the words BITE ME under the black paint. The ring's purpose was to deliver that message to Marceline to make her future with Tai possible. The Cosmic Owl made the ring visible every time Marceline was close (meaning that either Tai is always wearing the ring or that the ring is not actually real and was just an illusion designed to lead Marceline to realize that she needed to turn Tai into a vampire). It is somewhat similar to the "Bad Wolf" meme in Doctor Who.
  • So far, Tai has appeared in every episode of season two of CamDog and ACat's episodes except for "Peps of the Dead" and "Me-Mow's Return", which Finn, Jake, and BMO are also not in.